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F like fighting… (the A to Z Challenge)




Expected F for Failure? Yeah, I know, I am sneaky like that.

There’s fighting everywhere in our lives…  You might be fighting for or against number of things or people as we speak. (well not that we are actually speaking, but you know what I mean) You might be fighting for your life, or your country. Everybody is fighting in a way or another…

But I was thinking about those people who like to fight for no reason. You most probably know at least one person like that. Men and women who seek conflicts, in the smallest of things.

I don’t see the point in battling for no reason. I enjoy having a good talk with someone who has different opinions than mine if the argument is led with intelligent points on each sides, and meant to learn about the other’s point of view, but fighting to prove you have your hand on Truth with a big T annoys me.

Unfortunately, some people like that. I can only guess it gives them a feeling of power. They’ll argue until you give up, and they’ll leave with the impression they were right, and you were wrong!

No matter the points you bring on the table, fighting for fighting people will keep on fighting. If they can, they’ll counter your points, otherwise, they’ll just elude your argument, and drift to another one, that has nothing to do with what you just said. If you decide to stand your ground, they’ll eventually raise their voice, and even get aggressive.

I eventually figured those people were just bitter and feeding on the energy I spent fighting against them. They enjoy seeing others get annoyed and frustrated. Why? That, I don’t understand yet. Are they trying to pull us down to their level of unhappiness? Do they feel better when others aren’t? I don’t know and I honestly don’t care!

I have arranged a battle of my own, against those irritating people. My strategy is planin and simple. I don’t embark their negative ship! When conversation is taking a turn into a possible arguement with those tagged people, I get my best nod out and use it until they get tired of trying to push my buttons. I just stare blankly, and wait for the storm to pass by.

And you know what? It works… It takes practice, because it is annoying at first to give up when you know you are probably right. You don’t want to give the impression that you are the weak one. The spineless, no opinion one that always agrees. But there always will be other people you can openly talk to, and share deeper beliefs with. I just don’t care what fighting for fighting people think about me.

They might think they have the upper hand on me, but when I see the irritated look in their eyes as I nod and give them credit for their (sometimes completely stupid or insane) piece of mind, I know I am winning!

Life is about choosing our battles… I’ve chosen not to fight for nothing! And it works pretty dang well for me 🙂

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