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Международный день в день

A duo again today, you lucky readers!!

For those not familiar with Russian, and/or not keen on giving Google Translate some work, it is International Day of the Day time again!

And, yes, you’ve guessed right! It is International Russian Day!

I don’t have much to say about Russian. I gave it a try once, because my new boss had Russian roots (it was so much fun listening to the clients trying to ask to talk to him… “Yes, can I speak to mr Rogess… mr Rogenst… mr Rosengt… Could I speak to Igor please?”) and I just wanted to impress him. I learned how to say my usual morning greetings in Russian to surprise him, and tried it without warning…

Igor was, and most probably still is, almost bald and shaving the rest of his head. When I greeted him that morning, he turned bright red! The almost purple shade spread all around his skull, clearly meaning that I had surprised him in a very good, or very uncomfortable way! To this day, I still don’t know if Igor was just pleasantly taken by surprise by the new girl, or if I have managed to say something incredibly rude and/or kinky in Russian without knowing… But I have put Russian aside nonetheless.

I would gladly get back at it someday, but I have to take care of my Danish first.




Today is also Drive In Movie Day… And I have to admit, it made me a little nostalgic.

I love drive ins… I don’t know why… Certainly not because of the image quality, or the sound for that matter… Certainly not because of the noisy neighbours (Murphy’s laws… I ALWAYS ended up close to a bunch of annoyingly loud young people not caring about the movies…) It isn’t always the most comfortable way to watch a movie either, depending on the car model (try a 1988 VolksWagen Fox… if you can find one, that is) and the food is not the best, nor the cheapest in town…

But I just like the experience of it…

In the late nineties, I used to go to the first Drive In night every year. I’d annoy friends until at least one of them agreed to jump in my car and accompany me. In the afternoon, we’d go spend hours in the traffic near Trois-Rivières’ drive in, and we’d chit chat until the first movie began. I went to the first night presentation because it was free, but more important, because there were tons of people… The rest of the summer, it was fun to go too, but there were so few cars parked here and there, that it didn’t really feel the same.

First night was probably closer to the golden years of the good old Drive Ins. With people walking around, gangs of friends partying between two cars during the break before the second movie… Children playing before being brought back in the car, and falling asleep on the backseat while the parents enjoyed a romantic comedy…

While watching one of the latest American blockbusters in my little Fox, rolled into a blanket, and fighting away the mosquitoes, I often dreamed of being born a little earlier back… And getting invited by that mysterious guy at school that my friends said was eying me when I pass him by in my colorful fifties’ skirts…


Yeah…  Russian and Drive In Movies…



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