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Anechoic whuut?

Have you ever wondered what the worst torture someone could make you endure would be? (Please say yes… Otherwise, I’ll feel dang awkward!)

Obviously, I have. I admit to having all kinds of strange thoughts like that, and it is not a new thing for me…

If you know me a little, you might think that the best torture to use against me would be to threaten to A-bomb Denmark. I admit I would give away almost any secret to prevent that. But there are a few things that I would fear even more.

Just to explain those fears, I have to say that I have a profound disgust for anything concerning the vascular system (basically everything that has to do with veins and arteries). I don’t know where that comes from, but as a child, I couldn’t even stand someone pronouncing the word “vein” in the room. I would feel like fainting right away. It is most probably mental, but my symptoms can be very physical if the “experience” is too intense for me.

It is not a fear, but a sheer disgust. I am not afraid of blood, I can deal perfectly well with a bloody nose, if it isn’t mine. I don’t fear needles either. I was vaccinated a countless number of times in the past without the slightest problem.

But anything intraveineous gives me goose bumps just thinking about it, and nausea when I have to actually “experience” it. I fainted a couple of times while having blood drawn for exams…

know the needle doesn’t hurt, and I don’t feel any fear until the nurse or doctor attempts to stick it in my arm. It is actually funny, because when I know I have to give a blood sample, I warn the person who will perform it. Since I am calm at that point, people don’t understand my warning. And every time, I hope I’m giving my speech for no reason.

But as soon as they strap the elastic band around my arm to make my veins pop out (actually got a chill just writing it), I start shaking uncontrollably, whinning and crying like a child. I completely transform into a whimpy creature, ready to pass out at any moment.

I can’t watch my hands closely, I hate looking at the insides of knees and elbows… Anywhere where veins are visible. I also hate to be touched in those places of my body…A real nightmare.

Up to now, I thought my only really nasty fear was to get kidney failure. The thought of having to deal with dialysis is terrifying to me. I can’t imagine having to have a machine pump out my blood, to clean it and pump it back in my body. No horror movie could scare me more…

Now that this is clear… I was browsing the Internets for weirds things to learn (and to believe only after a reasonable research to prove I am not being fooled by Google once again), I fall on this weird room that can be found in the Orfield’s laboratory in Minneapolis. An anechoic room. The quietest room on the planet.


The horror room!


Sound is measured in decibels. Here is a list of decibel levels, to give you an idea…

  • A plane taking off: 130 decibels
  • A rock concert: 110 decibels
  • A lawn mower: 100 decibels
  • Loud classroom: 70 decibels
  • Quiet restaurant: 50 decibels
  • Bedroom (no activity 😛 ): 30 decibels
  • Recording studio: 10 decibels

In the anechoic room, the decibel level has been estimated at an alarming (for me) -9 decibels. The average human can’t stand to stay in that room for more than 45 minutes… It is said that the total lack of noise causes hallucinations and people have trouble keeping their balance and they have a hard time just standing up. But that’s not what scares me…

Because of the deep silence in the room, people can hear the air going through their lungs, or their stomach digesting… and even worse: They can hear their own heart pumping blood in and out of their organs!!!!

O – M – G !!!

I hope I’d faint right away if I was locked in that room. I can’t imagine listening to my blood running through me! I obviously couldn’t stop it from doing so, I kind of count on that circulation going on to keep living. But the sound of it would drive me crazy in no time! And of course, being nervous, my heart would pump stonger and faster with every second spent in the room…  A crecendo of terror!

I will never go to Minnesota… NEVER!!!

2 thoughts on “Anechoic whuut?

  1. One of my connecting flights goes through there. And that bedroom thing with no activity is no stranger to me! That must be why I sleep so good, it being so quiet and all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Activity-less bedrooms do allow a very good level of sleeping, I’ll give you that! Until the cat decides it is time to fill its bowl the next morning..


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